U C Davis should be embarrassed. Americans have been Shamed.

February 4th, 2015

I can’t believe my eyes. A California University system is sponsoring pro muslin anti Jewish protests on campus.


Sure, lets support beheadings as a method of thought control!

Lets show our support for the burning of prisoners doused in gasoline. Sure is great.

How about all you ASS HOLES supporting a group that kills and crucifies Christians.

How about torture, maiming and mutilations!

How about killing gays and lesbians!

Good old RADICAL MUSLIM faith and religious practices.

What is wrong with you people?

Do you hate yourselves so much?

Quit if you want to.

Give up!

Appeasement really does work! Ask Nevill Chamberlain.

If you stick your head in the sand, someone who hates you will gleefully shove a stick of dynamite up your  exposed ass ! Be careful! If they do that you might be declared, officially brain dead.

What a sick, pathetic world .

We used to be a proud and strong people.

The world used to look to us for hope and a better future.

The suffering of that poor Jordanian prisoner being doused in gasoline and set ablaze brings tears to my eyes.

The battle line between good and evil is becoming clearly demarcated.

The  good old American Progressives and politically correct jerks are rallying around and supporting hatred in the name of a religion gone dark and evil. They are standing proudly on the line in the sand separating us from the slime that is Radical Muslim belief.

Being “cool and accepted,” is the only thing that matters. If you keep quiet and look away, the radical hatred will fade away.

Wrong! Bad joke!

We have become a society of stupid blind cattle, being led to our own slaughter houses.

Give up my religion and my belief in G-d! NO! NO! NO!

If you straddle that line and don’t protect your family jewels, the “BAD GUYS” who hate you and everything that you stand for, will grab your jewels and shove them down your throat.

Good luck when they kill your gay and lesbian children. Try to show a gay marriage certificate in ISIS country or even in Saudi Arabia.

Wake up!!

Now we have to worry about deflation?

December 22nd, 2014

Deflation has the effect of shifting resources from debtors to creditors.

Repaying loans to banks and credit cards is more difficult in a deflation.

Banks have difficulty collecting money. When bank loans can not be repaid, banks FAIL.

Government is the largest creditor of all.

In a deflation, governments have trouble collecting, they also have trouble paying.

Using Oil Futures as Collateral for a Loan

December 16th, 2014

Just a thought.

How many banks are holding commercial paper collateralize’d by oil futures.

Do drilling companies, oil exploration companies, and everyone involved in the discovery and production of oil and gasoline, utilize their own internal funding for their projects, or do they go to banks or commercial factors to borrow the funding, with the ability to pay based upon the value of oil as it is pulled out of the ground.

Collateral at oil trading near $ 100 / barrel is much more secure, than a price closer to $55/ barrel.

Sounds like a potential very large under collateralize bust to me.

Watch out!

Robin Williams a loss of Historic Proportions

August 12th, 2014

Robin Williams, with my apologies to Bill Cosby, was the greatest comedian of our time. His ability to ad lib a cohesive, logical, and hysterically funny yet poignant  repartee placed him in a class of genius that elevates the human genre.

The demons that must have chased him, and the pain that he obviously felt, brings tears to my eyes.A soul with this  ability to effect and enhance, should not be subjected to the same human suffering that intrudes upon the rest of us, but sadly, often times genius is intertwined with that pain.

Hopefully the Boss needs some mood altering comic relief, because the master has just arrived in Heaven.

Obama demands that Putin forces Separatists to allow full access to crash site

July 21st, 2014

Obama demands and insists that Putin allow inspectors access to crash site.

Obama demands and insists  that Syria does…

Obama demands and insists that Iran does…

Obama demands and insists  that China backs off from

Obama commands and insists   that our borders are secure.

Obama demands and insists that Hamas does..

Obama demands and insists that the Palestinians do..

Obama demands and insists that the Israeli’s do not…

Has anyone listened to Obama?

Does anyone care what he demands and insists?

Is the world a safer, calmer, and more peaceful world since Obama came into power.

Has there ever been a more demanding and more ineffective leader in our history?

I d’mand if I know!

Charlie Champion a Hippie on Wall Street

June 4th, 2014

Hello world.

The new feature length novel, Charlie Champion a Hippie on Wall Street


Peter M. Lewitin

The book is finished. First Draft Is completed.

Great story about the world of 1970

Sex Drugs and Rock and Roll

The Mafia attempts to infiltrate Wall Street.

The struggles of a young, hip, college grad coming of age in a rapidly changing world.

Soon to be published.

A major motion picture in waiting.

Charlie Champion a Hippie on Wall Street

April 20th, 2014

Coming soon!

Charlie Champion a Hippie on Wall Street

A full length novel

What it was like as a young Wall Street trader in 1970.

A hippie

A Capitalist

A humanitarian

If you build something using only smoke and mirrors,watch out that you are not blinded by the flash of light

January 24th, 2014

QE 5 or is it QE 6 or perhaps QE 9,10,or 11.

Printing paper and calling it money, then using that paper to fund $trillion budgets, is bad enough.

Spending  over 2 x’s your income every week, and continuing to overspend every week for years on end, is foolhardy and a sure recipe for disaster.

Using the vast amounts of paper, and the mounting debt to reward your friends and contributors, while ignoring the absolute reality of simple arithmetic is scary.

Pushing that reality down the road, so that you can get your stash, disappear, and let someone else deal with the problems  that you have created is greedy, immoral, diabolical, foolish and arguably criminal.

Feigning innocence or ignorance of the consequences of your actions , when you know damn well you are destroying the Country that you have sworn to serve and preserve is Treason.

How many of our politicians and leaders are guilty of treason?

It might be far simpler to count those who are not guilty.

Remember, ignorance is no excuse for evil intent.

You might have a better chance of claiming plain stupidity.

Beware the Bull He is Getting too Fat

October 26th, 2013

The current explosive bull market is of course, being fueled by the” Good Old Fed” doing its best to debase our currency.

$ 75,000,000,000.00 in printed money out of thin air, each and every month, adds a lot of buying power to the mega banks, that get to see that money.

When we let Wall Street Stock Brokerage Houses, Call themselves banks, and then allow them to be the recipient of the Fed’s largess , we certainly opened Pandora’s Box.

How convenient, buying all that Government paper every month, guaranteeing that interest and principal were “golden” guaranteed, lending the money back to the US Treasury at a profit sounds like a great deal.

I wish I had thought it up.

Of course I’m sure that this type of flim flam has been done before

when private citizens get caught at it, they pay large fines, and sometimes go to Jail,

when government or the Fed gets exposed doing it, they usually get very rich, they often get retired on a fat Government pension, they rarely end up with anything worse than a few headaches.

P S  you can fix a headache with a few aspirins and a good nights sleep

America, wake up  our headache won’t get fixed with a few aspirin.

Our problem is :

“We’re being robbed blind, and we’re loosing much more than just some money.

Black on White Crime, White on black Crime,I Committed Murder Because”I Was bored”More Senseless Death is the New”Life in These United States”

August 23rd, 2013

As a kid, I loved reading the Readers Digest Magazine.

The special columns ,Life in the Army, Word Power, and Life in these United States;

They served to expand my vocabulary,

They encouraged my reading, and writing

They gave me a snapshot photograph of the humor in every day living.

Today, Sadly, The view of ” life in these United States, engenders a still life of unemployment, boredom, violence, drug abuse, and  random acts of violence, with the pathetic catalyst being race and the color of your skin.

Instead of being concerned with the destruction of our land, we argue about who will pay for my $2.00 profilactic

What I can or cannot do in my bedroom, and with whom

Or making sure that everyone is the same.

No winners

No losers.

No success.

Who gives a damn!!!!

Doing what you want in the privacy of your home is your business

Winning and losing are part of nature.

Competition is how the homosapien survived as the dominant species on this planet

Today,the youth of this country are being forced into a culture that is imposed upon them by political correctness, and the obscene and radically destructive message of “rap ” music, and hollow spectre of  castrated ambition.

A Trevon Martin dies, shot by a white  man

A white Australian athlete dies, shot in the back while jogging past a black household

A 88 year old white WW II vet is beaten to death, by a black man in a random act of violence.

Hundreds of black youth are killing each other on the streets of Chicago, in black on black horrors.

All died for no good reason.

Has life devolved into such meaningless pablum, that death and violence is the norm.

I grew up in a United States, where we were proud of our country.

The thrills that ran up our legs and down our spines were created by the sight of our Flag or the singing of our national anthem.

Shame on you, who have worked so nefariously to undermine this great land

Shame on you.

This land was a safe have for the “tired, the poor, the huddled masses yearning to be free.

The land of opportunity.

Today opportunity revolves around a stupid reality show, or a Rapper singing about hoes.

Shame on you.

There are still many millions of us who love this country and would and have died to preserve Her.

G-d Bless America

May her enemies get their just rewards.

There is a Big Boss, and He is watching, sometimes in horror at what He has created